OCO-3 uses the same instrument as OCO-2, but it has been adapted to work on the ISS. the OCO-3 instrument has an agile 2-D pointing mechanism, i.e., a Pointing Mirror Assembly (PMA) that allows for rapid transitions in pointing. The PMA is used to collect Snapshot Area Maps (SAMs) which are data collections over ~80km by 80km in 2 minutes. These small map like XCO2 and SIF datasets will be collected to sample emission sources and gradients, areas where plants and crops are being studied, volcanos, and other local carbon sources from space. The PMA will also allow for target mode observations, similar to those taken by OCO-2, typically at Total Column Carbon Observation Network (TCCON) ground sites for use in validation.

This webpage creates a centralized location for information on where and when we collected SAMs and targets, data maps, and a method to get subsetted data.

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