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OCO-3 Publications

The following publications relate to the OCO and OCO-3 mission. Publications are authored by either a member or an affiliate of the OCO Science or OCO-3 Instrument Teams, or have referenced the mission, instrument, or science. To obtain more information about a paper, please email our Science Team Lead, Junjie Liu.

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She, X., Y. Li, W. Jiao, Y. Sun, X. Ni, Z. Zuo, Y. Knyazikhin, and R. Myneni
Varied responses of Amazon forests to the 2005, 2010, and 2015/2016 droughts inferred from multi-source satellite data Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 353, 110051
He, Z., G. Fan, X. Li, F. Gong, M. Liang, L. Gao, and M. Zhou
Spatio-temporal modeling of satellite-observed CO2 columns in China using deep learning International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation, 129, 103859
Che, K., T. Lauvaux, N. Taquet, W. Stremme, Y. Xu, C. Alberti, M. Lopez, A. García‐Reynoso, P. Ciais, Y. Liu, M. Ramonet, and M. Grutter
Urban XCO2 Gradients From a Dense Network of Solar Absorption Spectrometers and OCO‐3 Over Mexico City J. Geophys. Res. Atmos., 129, 9
Huang, Y., R. Wang, M. Ju, X. Zhu, and Y. Xie
Reconstructing global daily XCO2 at 1° × 1° spatial resolution from 2016 to 2019 with multisource satellite observation data Journal of Applied Remote Sensing, 18, 02
Frankenberg, C., Y. Bar-On, Y. Yin, P. Wenberg, D. Jacob, and A. M. Michalak
Data Drought in the Humid Tropics: How to Overcome the Cloud Barrier in Greenhouse Gas Remote Sensing Geophys Res Lett, 51, 8, e2024GL108791
Ji, M., Y. Xu, Y. Zhang, Y. Mo, S. Zhu, W. Wang, M. Zhou, I. Morino, H. Ohyama, K. Shiomi, and Y. Oh
Validation of Remotely Sensed XCO2 Products With TCCON Observations in East Asia IEEE J. Sel. Top. Appl. Earth Observations Remote Sensing, 17, 7159-7169
Wu, Y., Y. Xie, and R. Wang
Exploring Urban XCO2 Patterns Using PRISMA Satellite: A Case Study in Shanghai Atmosphere, 15, 3, 246
Schimel, D., and D. Carroll
Carbon Cycle–Climate Feedbacks in the Post-Paris World Annu. Rev. Earth Planet. Sci., 52, 1
Miguel da Costa, L., G. André de Araújo Santos, G. Costa de Mendonça, L. de Souza Maria, C. Antônio da Silva Jr, A. Rodrigo Panosso, and N. La Scala Jr
Exploring CO2 Anomalies in Brazilian Biomes Combining OCO-2 & 3 data: Linkages to Wildfires Patterns Advances in Space Research
Fuentes Andrade, B., M. Buchwitz, M. Reuter, H. Bovensmann, A. Richter, H. Boesch, and J. Burrows
A method for estimating localized CO2 emissions from co-located satellite XCO2 and NO2 images Atmos. Meas. Tech., 17, 3, 1145-1173
Zhang, Y., J. Fang, W. K. Smith, X. Wang, P. Gentine, R. L. Scott, M. Migliavacca, S. Jeong, M. E. Litvak, and S. Zhou
Satellite solar‐induced chlorophyll fluorescence tracks physiological drought stress development during 2020 southwest US drought Glob Change Biol, 29, 12, 3395-3408
Zhao, F., W. Ma, J. Zhao, Y. Guo, M. Tariq, and J. Li
Global retrieval of the spectrum of terrestrial chlorophyll fluorescence: First results with TROPOMI Remote Sensing of Environment, 300, 113903
Wu, D., J. Laughner, J. Liu, P. Palmer, J. Lin, and P. Wennberg
A simplified non-linear chemistry transport model for analyzing NO2 column observations: STILT–NOx Geosci. Model Dev., 16, 21, 6161-6185
Acito, N., M. Diani, M. Alibani, and G. Corsini
Matched Filter Based on the Radiative Transfer Model for CO2 Estimation From PRISMA Hyperspectral Data IEEE Geosci. Remote Sensing Lett., 61, 1-13
Yang, H., T. Li, J. Wu, and L. Zhang
Inter-comparison and evaluation of global satellite XCO2 products Geo-spatial Information Science, 1-14
Zhao, H., K. Gui, W. Yao, N. Shang, and X. Zhang, and X. Zhang, L. Li, Y. Zheng, Z. Wang, H. Ren, H. Wang, J. Sun, J. Li, H. Che, and X. Zhang
Seasonal and Diurnal Variations in XCO2 Characteristics in China as Observed by OCO‐2/3 Satellites: Effects of Land Cover and Local Meteorology JGR: Atmospheres, 128, 18
Imasu, R., T. Matsunaga, M. Nakajima, Y. Yoshida, K. Shiomi, I. Morino, N. Saitoh, Y. Niwa, Y. Someya, Y. Oishi, M. Hashimoto, H. Noda, K. Hikosaka, O. Uchino, S. Maksyutov, H. Takagi, H. Ishida, T. Nakajima, T. Nakajima, and C. Shi
Greenhouse gases Observing SATellite 2 (GOSAT-2): mission overview Prog Earth Planet Sci, 10, 1
Cusworth, D., A. Thorpe, C. Miller, A. Ayasse, R. Jiorle, R. Duren, R. Nassar, J. Mastrogiacomo, and R. Nelson
Two years of satellite-based carbon dioxide emission quantification at the world’s largest coal-fired power plants Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics
Ramonet, M., A. Chatterjee, P. Ciais, I. Levin, M. K. Sha, M. Steinbacher, and C. Sweeney
CO₂ in the Atmosphere: Growth and Trends Since 1850 Oxford Research Encyclopedias
Meng, F., S. Hong, J. Wang, A. Chen, Y. Zhang, Y. Zhang, I. Janssens, J. Mao, R. Myneni, J. Peñuelas, and S. Piao
Climate change increases carbon allocation to leaves in early leaf green‐up Ecology Letters, 26, 5, 816-826
Zhang, Z., A. Cescatti, Y. Wang, P. Gentine, J. Xiao, L. Guanter, A. Huete, J. Wu, J. Chen, W. Ju, J. Peñuelas, and Y. Zhang
Large diurnal compensatory effects mitigate the response of Amazonian forests to atmospheric warming and drying Science Advances, 9, 21
Wu, D., J. Laughner, J. Liu, P. Palmer, J. C. Lin, and P. Wennberg
A simplified non-linear chemistry-transport model for analyzing NO2 column observations Geosci. Model Dev., 16, 21, 6161-6185
Massie, S.T., H. Cronk, A. Merrelli, S. Schmidt, and S. Mauceri
Insights into 3D cloud radiative transfer effects for the Orbiting Carbon Observatory Atmos. Meas. Tech., 16, 8, 2145-2166
Keely, W., S. Mauceri, S. Crowell, and C. O'Dell
A non-linear data driven approach to bias correction of XCO2 for OCO-2 NASA ACOS version 10 Atmos. Meas. Tech., 16, 23, 5725-5748
Yang, E.G., E. A. Kort, L. Ott, T. Oda, and J. C. Lin
Using Space‐Based CO2 and NO2 Observations to Estimate Urban CO2 Emissions JGR: Atmospheres, 128, 6
Guo, W., Y. Shi, Y. Liu, and M. Su
CO2 emissions retrieval from coal-fired power plants based on OCO-2/3 satellite observations and a Gaussian plume model Journal of Cleaner Production, 397, 136525
Taylor, T., C. O'Dell, D. Baker, C. Bruegge, A. Chang, L. Chapsky, A. Chatterjee, C. Cheng, F. Chevallier, D. Crisp, L. Dang, B. J. Drouin, A. Eldering, L. Feng, B. Fisher, D. Fu, M. Gunson, V. R. Haemmerle, G. R. Keller, M. Kiel, L. Kuai, T. Kurosu, A. Lambert, J. Laughner, R. Lee, J. Liu, L. Mandrake, Y. Marchetti, G. McGarragh, A. Merrelli, R. Nelson, G. Osterman, F. Oyafuso, P. Palmer, V. H. Payne, R. Rosenberg, P. Somkuti, G. Spiers, C. To, P. Wennberg, S. Yu, and J. Zong
Evaluating the consistency between OCO-2 and OCO-3 XCO2 estimates derived from the NASA ACOS version 10 retrieval algorithm Atmos. Meas. Tech.
Bell, E., C. O'Dell, T. Taylor, A. Merrelli, R. Nelson, M. Kiel, A. Eldering, R. Rosenberg, and B. Fisher
Exploring bias in the OCO-3 snapshot area mapping mode via geometry, surface, and aerosol effects Atmos. Meas. Tech., 16, 1, 109-133
Moghim, S., and H. Imani
Simulation and forecasting of atmospheric CO2 using RAMS Remote Sensing Applications: Society and Environment, 29, 100918
Lin, X., R. van der A, J. de Laat, H. Eskes, F. Chevallier, P. Ciais, Z. Deng, Y. Geng, X. Song, X. Ni, D. Huo, X. Dou, and Z. Liu
Monitoring and quantifying CO2 emissions of isolated power plants from space Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 23, 11, 6599-6611
Zhang, Z., L. Guanter, A. Porcar-Castell, M. Rossini, J. Pacheco-Labrador, and Y. Zhang
Global modeling diurnal gross primary production from OCO-3 solar-induced chlorophyll fluorescence Remote Sensing of Environment, 285, 113383
Zhang, Z., and Y. Zhang
Solar angle matters: Diurnal pattern of solar-induced chlorophyll fluorescence from OCO-3 and TROPOMI Remote Sensing of Environment, 285, 113380
Laughner, J., S. Roche, M. Kiel, G. Toon, D. Wunch, B. Baier, S. Biraud, H. Chen, R. Kivi, T. Laemmel, K. McKain, P. Quéhé, C. Rousogenous, B. B. Stephens, K. Walker, and P. Wennberg
A new algorithm to generate a priori trace gas profiles for the GGG2020 retrieval algorithm Atmos. Meas. Tech.
MacDonald, C., J. Mastrogiacomo, J. Laughner, J. Hedelius, R. Nassar, and D. Wunch
Estimating enhancement ratios of nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide using satellite observations Atmos. Chem. Phys., 23, 6, 3493-3516
Keller, G.R., R. Rosenberg, G. Spiers, S. Yu, A. Merrelli, C. O'Dell, R. Lee, D. Crisp, A. Eldering, and A. Chatterjee
Inflight Radiometric Calibration and Performance of the Orbiting Carbon Observatory 3 for Version 10 Products IEEE Trans. Geosci. Remote Sensing, 1-1
Xie, F., T. Ren, Z. Zhao, and C. Zhao
A machine learning based line-by-line absorption coefficient model for the application of atmospheric carbon dioxide remote sensing Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer, 296, 108441
Palmer, P.I., A. Jerome P. Woodwark, D. Finch, T. Taylor, A. Butz, J. Tamminen, H. Bösch, A. Eldering, and S. Vincent-Bonnieu
Role of space station instruments for improving tropical carbon flux estimates using atmospheric data npj Microgravity, 8, 51
Nassar, R., O. Moeini, J. Mastrogiacomo, C. W. O'Dell, R. Nelson, M. Kiel, A. Chatterjee, A. Eldering, and D. Crisp
Tracking CO2 emission reductions from space: A case study at Europe's largest fossil fuel power plant Frontiers in Remote Sensing, 3
Lei, R., S. Feng, Y. Xu, S. Tran, M. Ramonet, M. Grutter, A. Garcia, M. Campos-Pineda, and T. Lauvaux
Reconciliation of asynchronous satellite-based NO2 and XCO2 enhancements with mesoscale modeling over two urban landscapes Remote Sensing of Environment, 281, 113241
Bell, E., T. Taylor, A. Merrelli, C. O'Dell, R. Nelson, M. Kiel, A. Eldering, R. Rosenberg, and B. Fisher
Exploring bias in OCO-3 Snapshot Area Mapping mode via geometry, surface, and aerosol effects Atmos. Meas. Tech.
Jin, C., Y. Xue, X. Jiang, L. Zhao, T. Yuan, Y. Sun, S. Wu, and X. Wang
A long-term global XCO2 dataset: Ensemble of satellite products Atmospheric Research, 279, 106385
Doughty, R., T. Kurosu, N. Parazoo, P. Köhler, Y. Wang, Y. Sun, and C. Frankenberg
Global GOSAT, OCO-2, and OCO-3 solar-induced chlorophyll fluorescence datasets Earth Syst. Sci. Data, 14, 4, 1513-1529
Wu, D., J. Liu, P. Wennberg, P. I. Palmer, R. Nelson, M. Kiel, and A. Eldering
Towards sector-based attribution using intra-city variations in satellite-based emission ratios between CO2 and CO Atmos. Chem. Phys.
Pellegrini, M., A. Aghakhani, A. Guzzini, and C. Saccani
Modification of Fraser's Method for the Atmospheric CO2 Mass Estimation by Using Satellite Data Atmosphere, 13, 6, 866
Chevallier, F., G. Broquet, B. Zheng, P. Ciais, and A. Eldering
Large CO2 emitters as seen from satellite: Comparison to a gridded global emission inventory Geophys Res Lett
Braghiere, R., Y. Wang, R. Doughty, D. Sousa, T. Magney, J. Widlowski, M. Longo, A. Anthony Bloom, J. Worden, P. Gentine, and C. Frankenberg
Accounting for canopy structure improves hyperspectral radiative transfer and sun-induced chlorophyll fluorescence representations in a new generation Earth System model Remote Sensing of Environment, 261, 112497
Xiao, J., J. B. Fisher, H. Hashimoto, K. Ichii, and N. Parazoo
Emerging satellite observations for diurnal cycling of ecosystem processes Nature Plants, 7, 7, 877-887
Ustin, S., and E. Middleton
Current and near-term advances in Earth observation for ecological applications Ecological Processes, 10, 1
Kiel, M., A. Eldering, D. D. Roten, J. C. Lin, S. Feng, R. Lei, T. Lauvaux, T. Oda, C. M. Roehl, J.-F. Blavier, and L. T. Iraci
Urban-focused satellite CO2 observations from the Orbiting Carbon Observatory-3: A first look at the Los Angeles megacity Remote Sensing of Environment, 258, 112314
Taylor, T.E., A. Eldering, A. Merrelli, M. Kiel, P. Somkuti, C. Cheng, R. Rosenberg, B. Fisher, D. Crisp, R. Basilio, M. Bennett, D. Cervantes, A. Chang, L. Dang, C. Frankenberg, V. R. Haemmerle, G. R. Keller, T. Kurosu, J. L. Laughner, R. Lee, Y. Marchetti, R. R. Nelson, C. W. O'Dell, G. Osterman, R. Pavlick, C. Roehl, R. Schneider, G. Spiers, C. To, C. Wells, P. O. Wennberg, A. Yelamanchili, and S. Yu
OCO-3 early mission operations and initial (vEarly) XCO2 and SIF retrievals Remote Sensing of Environment, 251, 112032
Basilio, R., M. Bennett, A. Eldering, P. Lawson, and R. Rosenberg
Orbiting Carbon Observatory-3 (OCO-3), remote sensing from the International Space Station (ISS) Proceedings Volume 11151, Sensors, Systems, and Next-Generation Satellites XXIII, 11151
Eldering, A., T. E. Taylor, C. W. O'Dell, and R. Pavlick
The OCO-3 mission: measurement objectives and expected performance based on 1 year of simulated data Atmos. Meas. Tech., 12, 4
McKinney, C., T. Goodsall, M. Hoenk, J. Shelton, K. Rumney, C. Basset, M. Jeganathan, and D. Moore
Context cameras for the Orbiting Carbon Observatory 3 (OCO-3) instrument IEEE
Stavros, E.N., D. Schimel, R. Pavlick, S. Serbin, A. Swann, L. Duncanson, J. B. Fisher, F. Fassnacht, S. Ustin, R. Dubayah, A. Schweiger, and P. Wennberg
ISS observations offer insights into plant function Nat Ecol Evol, 1, 7, 0194
Taylor, T.E., C. W. O'Dell, C. Frankenberg, P. T. Partain, H. Q. Cronk, A. Savtchenko, R. R. Nelson, E. J. Rosenthal, A. Y. Chang, B. Fisher, G. B. Osterman, R. H. Pollock, D. Crisp, A. Eldering, and M. R. Gunson
Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2 (OCO-2) cloud screening algorithms: validation against collocated MODIS and CALIOP data Atmos. Meas. Tech., 9, 3
Devi, V.M., D. C. Benner, K. Sung, L. R. Brown, T. J. Crawford, C. E. Miller, B. J. Drouin, V. H. Payne, S. Yu, M. A. Smith, A. W. Mantz, and R. R. Gamache
Line parameters including temperature dependences of self- and air-broadened line shapes of 12C16O2: 1.6-μm region Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer, 177
Zhang, Q., R. Shia, S. P. Sander, and Y. L. Yung
XCO2 retrieval error over deserts near critical surface albedo Earth and Space Science, 3, 2
Nelson, R.R., C. W. O'Dell, T. E. Taylor, L. Mandrake, and M. Smyth
The potential of clear-sky carbon dioxide satellite retrievals Atmos. Meas. Tech., 9, 4
Hakkarainen, J., I. Ialongo, and J. Tamminen
Direct space-based observations of anthropogenic CO2 emission areas from OCO-2 Geophys. Res. Lett., 43, 21
Altinok, A., D. R. Thompson, B. Bornstein, S. Chien, J. Doubleday, and J. Bellardo
Real-Time Orbital Image Analysis Using Decision Forests, with a Deployment Onboard the IPEX Spacecraft Journal of Field Robotics, 33, 2, 187-204
Merrelli, A., R. Bennartz, C. W. O'Dell, and T. E. Taylor
Estimating bias in the OCO-2 retrieval algorithm caused by 3-D radiation scattering from unresolved boundary layer clouds Atmos. Meas. Tech., 8, 4
Liu, J., K. W. Bowman, M. Lee, D. K. Henze, N. Bousserez, H. Brix, G. James Collatz, D. Menemenlis, L. Ott, S. Pawson, D. Jones, and R. Nassar
Carbon monitoring system flux estimation and attribution: impact of ACOS-GOSAT XCO2 sampling on the inference of terrestrial biospheric sources and sinks Tellus B: Chemical and Physical Meteorology, 66, 1
Wei, J., A. Savtchenko, B. Vollmer, T. Hearty, A. Albayrak, D. Crisp, and A. Eldering
Advances in CO2 Observations From AIRS and ACOS IEEE Geosci. Remote Sensing Lett., 11, 5
Dils, B., M. Buchwitz, M. Reuter, O. Schneising, H. Boesch, R. Parker, S. Guerlet, I. Aben, T. Blumenstock, J. P. Burrows, A. Butz, N. M. Deutscher, C. Frankenberg, F. Hase, O. P. Hasekamp, J. Heymann, M. de Mazière, J. Notholt, R. Sussmann, T. Warneke, D. Griffith, V. Sherlock, and D. Wunch
The Greenhouse Gas Climate Change Initiative (GHG-CCI): comparative validation of GHG-CCI SCIAMACHY/ENVISAT and TANSO-FTS/GOSAT CO2 and CH4 retrieval algorithm products with measurements from the TCCON Atmos. Meas. Tech., 7, 6
Kuze, A., T. E. Taylor, F. Kataoka, C. J. Bruegge, D. Crisp, M. Harada, M. Helmlinger, M. Inoue, S. Kawakami, N. Kikuchi, Y. Mitomi, J. Murooka, M. Naitoh, D. M. O'Brien, C. W. O'Dell, H. Ohyama, H. Pollock, F. M. Schwandner, K. Shiomi, H. Suto, T. Takeda, T. Tanaka, T. Urabe, T. Yokota, and Y. Yoshida
Long-Term Vicarious Calibration of GOSAT Short-Wave Sensors: Techniques for Error Reduction and New Estimates of Radiometric Degradation Factors IEEE Trans. Geosci. Remote Sensing, 52, 7
Frankenberg, C., C. O'Dell, J. Berry, L. Guanter, J. Joiner, P. Köhler, R. Pollock, and T. E. Taylor
Prospects for chlorophyll fluorescence remote sensing from the Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2 Remote Sensing of Environment, 147
Wang, X.P., J. Wang, P. Yu, X. D. Qi, X. F. Li, and Y. Wang
The Research of High Reliability Secondary Power on Orbiting Carbon Observatory AMR, 712-715
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The ACOS CO2 retrieval algorithm – Part 1: Description and validation against synthetic observations Atmos. Meas. Tech., 5, 1
Taylor, T.E., C. W. O'Dell, D. M. O'Brien, N. Kikuchi, T. Yokota, T. Y. Nakajima, H. Ishida, D. Crisp, and T. Nakajima
Comparison of Cloud-Screening Methods Applied to GOSAT Near-Infrared Spectra IEEE Trans. Geosci. Remote Sensing, 50, 1
Thompson, D.R., D. Chris Benner, L. R. Brown, D. Crisp, V. Malathy Devi, Y. Jiang, V. Natraj, F. Oyafuso, K. Sung, D. Wunch, R. Castano, and C. E. Miller
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Neeck, S.P., and S. M. Volz
NASA's Earth Science Flight Program overview Sensors, Systems, and Next-Generation Satellites XV, 111
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Methane observations from the Greenhouse Gases Observing SATellite: Comparison to ground-based TCCON data and model calculations Geophys. Res. Lett., 38, 15
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